GWM ORA Funky Cat – Electric

Bring your GWM ORA Funky Cat into Howarth's Garage in Mirfield for its next service – whatever age it is, we have a servicing option to fit.

If your Funky Cat is still in its warranty period we’ll service it exactly as the GWM ORA service schedule specifies, using only genuine, approved, parts, and once the service is complete, we can update your online service record.

Once your GWM ORA Funky Cat is out of warranty, we still take the GWM ORA servicing schedule into consideration and from that and your vehicle’s service history and mileage, we can tailor the service to the needs of your individual Funky Cat.

Howarth's Garage is the leading independent vehicle service centre in and around Mirfield, delivering quality work, unbeatable customer service and excellent value for money.

Give us a call today on 01924 490356 or contact us online to find out what we can do for you.

GWM ORA Level Servicing


Here at Howarth's Garage we service your GWM ORA Funky Cat according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, thereby protecting any remaining GWM ORA warranty. If your GWM ORA Funky Cat has left its warranty period, we create a tailored service based on the GWM ORA schedule, your annual mileage, and the vehicle’s service history. This way you know your Funky Cat is getting exactly the care it needs.

Howarth's Garage Keeps Your GWM ORA Funky Cat Warranty Safe

Having your GWM ORA Funky Cat serviced at Howarth's Garage doesn’t break any of your manufacturer warranty conditions; it’s your right to have your car serviced wherever you want, and choosing Howarth's Garage guarantees you all the benefits of the GWM ORA dealership service but without the exorbitant prices.

Call one of our friendly team on 01924 490356 or contact us online for more information and to book your GWM ORA Funky Cat service.

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