The MOT test is an annual test of a vehicle’s safety, roadworthiness and exhaust emissions. A valid MOT certificate is a legal requirement in the UK for most vehicles over three years old. At Howarth's Garage, we can conduct class 1, 2 and 4 MOT tests.

Your MOT test must be done annually and can be carried out up to a month before the expiry date (the expiry date will never change). If your car passes its MOT you will receive an MOT certificate valid for 12 months, after which your vehicle must be tested again. If your car should fail, our qualified and experienced technicians will make light work of any repairs needed for the retest.

If you want to give your vehicle the best possible chance of passing an MOT we advise year-round checks and basic maintenance that you can carry out quite easily at home or on your own premises.

Pre-test Checks to Help Pass Your MOT

  • Make sure your car is clean – This might seem obvious but a dirty car can hide a multitude of sins – inside or out – and might be refused at the test centre.
  • Handbrake – If the lever clicks up too many times it probably needs adjusting – get this done pre-test.
  • Tyres – Minimum tread depth is 1.6mm – buy new tyres beforehand if you are in doubt. It’s worth pointing out that you’ll notice increased stopping distances once your tread gets below 3 or 4mm, so that’s a safer time to change them.
  • Brake fluid – Check the levels. If the brake pedal feels spongy when pressed, then there could be an airlock in the hydraulics which needs bleeding.
  • Mirrors – All mirrors must be in good condition and not broken or cracked.
  • Shocks/suspension – Shock absorbers may wear, particularly on older vehicles. By bouncing each corner of the car you can check for wear as the car should settle after a couple of bounces. Excessive play in the steering wheel may indicate wear in the linkage.
  • Windscreen – Any cracks or chips in the windscreen within the driver’s field of view will lead to failure of the test.
  • External lights – Visability is essential on the road so it’s important to check that all the lights are working properly. Replace bulbs as necessary.
  • Number plates– Your number plates and all lights must be clean with no cracks or damage and must be easy to read.
  • Wiper blades – Fit new wiper blades if they are worn and top up the screen wash reservoir. Remember to check that the horn works too!
  • Seatbelts – Check for fraying or sticking.
  • Exhaust – Start the engine and hold a clean cloth over the tailpipe and you will hear if the system is leaking.

If your car, van or motorbike needs an MOT test, or you are unsure when your MOT test is due, give our friendly team at Howarth's Garage in Mirfield, a call and we’ll take care of the rest.

Howarth's Garage is a proud member of the Bosch Car Service network of quality independent workshops and we are fully committed to Bosch’s Service Promise which guarantees our customers expert, professional work with transparent pricing and unbeatable customer service.

To find out more about MOT in Mirfield, contact us online or call us directly on 01924 490356

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